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Building the Sunshine Coast for 30 years

Camdon Victoria Terrace Kings Beach

This 30 year old building complex in Kings Beach was suffering the ill effects of weather and seaspray; leaking windows, concrete cancer, corroding window awnings, and drainage issues. Works by TMG Construction included

  • Upgrading windows to meet current Australian Standards
  • Waterproofing entire building, including window openings
  • Grinding and cutting out concrete cancer
  • Repairing step cracking to exisiting brickwork
  • New outer brick skin to western and eastern sides of building (as there were no flashings)
  • Repair of corroded brick ties and bulging occurring in brickwork
  • Removal of existing awnings
  • Design, supply and installation of alternative window hoods
  • New balustrading to rear of building in line with Australian Standards
  • Addressing poor draingae to eliminate water poolingRendering and painting of building

MasterBuildersQBCC Licence

Master Builders Member #09703 | QBCC Licence #1179913